Exploration X Salt – Simon & Charlie

by rosaleamonacella

The Lake Eyre basin is a system, which is in a constant state of flux be it through its programs, complex ecosystems, topography and form. With current technologies such as satellite imagery, real time on ground surveillance and terrestrial scanning techniques these new technologies are used to give a vast understanding of the landscape that surrounds us. Despite theses advancements, some areas remain widely unmapped and misunderstood. How can certain areas still remain unknown, unclassified and grey? By understanding the way in which humans and animals alike both interact with the site we can establish certain nodal points of interest and overlook alike; and speculate the reasons for this occurring. The ground plane plays a huge part in the shaping of the systems and with the couple effect of water; suddenly changes in habitat and ecosystems which seemed dormant or unestablished begin to occur and fluctuate immediately. How can an understanding of these systems begin to form part of a design intervention to tweak/re-interpret certain locations on site?