Hotel Pelicano – Neha & Ben

by rosaleamonacella

The Australian Pelican is a significant component of the Lake Eyre Basin. This species survive

Within the existing natural conditions currently found throughout the Australian Landscape. It is because of the pelican’s ecological and environmental importance that we must continue to plan for the species healthy and contempt future. This region transforms through heavy floods every few years which witnesses the migration of various fauna and flora. The Australian Pelican is one such animal which highly depends on these ephemeral conditions to survive. Every flood season, hundreds of thousands of pelicans travel to the area to take advantage of the flourishing natural ecologies. There is a need to create heightened opportunities for these birds to breed, to allow for the continuation of this natural phenomenon.


The aim of this conservation plan is to amplify the existing conditions in order to facilitate the migratory patterns of the Australian pelican. Our strategy combines the movement of sediments with the organization of magnetic rocks, as tools to assist potential migratory patterns. This results in the extension of sandbars, consequently creating additional breeding and feeding zones. The manipulation of sediment fluctuations and the introduction of magnetites in the lake also increase the fresh water areas, therefore providing numerous habitats for several local species. This plan does not attempt to impact upon the existing systems, rather, work within its natural limits and acknowledge its transient conditions over time.