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Month: June, 2012

EYREmerging Possibilities – Sarah & Melody

Lake Eyre is a complex array of natural system, interwoven with one another creating a vast fluctuating landscape that is iconically Australian. Working against such a force and therefore creating an altered design intervention would rob this area of its unique beauty. It wasn’t until we understood the vast scale of Lake Eyre and its many systems, did this occur to us. We took the opportunity to work with water, as it is something that clearly defines many ecosystems within the basin. It had its limitations but with this came exciting possibilities. The Golden Perch’s lifespan ends dramatically within the boundaries of Lake Eyre. Within the Fish saturation zone, many thousands of fish layer up creating a visible line within the landscape. By manipulating this line, and using the lifecycle to power another system, a cyclic process can emerge. Working with dead fish became the very thing that made the design dynamic; it shifted the static line created by nature. The plan was minimal but held great power which also revealed that not all designs had to be wiz-bang award winners such as the High line, that simplicity and rigour were just as important. This design demonstrates how it is possible for landscape architects to have a role within such landscapes.


EYREmerging Possibilities – Sarah & Melody